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What’s my shade?

13th October 2016

Are you…

Figuring out your shade can be tricky, so we’ve compiled our top tips on how to find the best shade for your skin-tone.

Use our skin-tone matching guide. We’ve created a handy foundation matching guide on our website that helps you to match your skin tone with popular foundation brands. Do you wear MAC NW50? Then you’ll be beautiful berry! Wear Bobbi Brown Warm Walnut? Then you’re a sweet & spicy Cinnamon! You get the picture. Check out the guide here.

If you’re in between shades, go darker. When it comes to wearing nude hosiery, you don’t want to be wearing anything that is too light! If you think you are Cinna-Berry, then we would recommend going for Berry!

Check out these ladies!  If you’re still unsure, check out our Café au Lait, Caramel, Cinnamon and Berry posts to give yourself an idea of what hue you might be.

What’s your Nubian Skin tone? Let us know below! xx

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