#TravelTuesday – Tulum

19th May 2015

This week we wish we were in Tulum. This city in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico offers the most magnificent white sandy beaches and beautiful crystal blue oceans you’ve ever seen – trust me, you will never want to leave! One particularly spectacular spot is El Castillo. These well-preserved ancient Mayan ruins sit on a cliff right upon the sands and look over the beautiful blue Caribbean waters. These Mayan ruins, reached their height between the 13th and 15th centuries and were one of the last places to have been inhabited and built by the Mayans.

Tulum 4
El Castillo, Tulum

Another reason we wish we were in Tulum is because of the food. If there is one thing I can’t say no to, it would be the incredible pork tacos that are available on every street corner. Best topping: pineapple and habanero! These should not be missed.

Pork tacos
Pork tacos, Tulum

An off the beaten path “must see” in Tulum are the cenotes. I hadn’t heard about them before I went, but the Yucatan Peninsula is made up largely of limestone, and also has an underground cave system. When erosion occurs and the limestone bedrock falls away, it opens up these fantastic swimming holes over time. There are hundreds of cenotes all over the Yucatan Peninsula – some of which were once used as a setting for ancient rituals and offerings to the Mayan Gods. Some people choose to scuba dive and navigate their way through the mysterious underground rivers and caves, but my recommendation would be to go for a refreshing dip and enjoy the unusual beautiful surroundings!

cenote 2
Cenote, Tulum

#TravelTuesday #WishWeWereThere AL x

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