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The Skin-tones: The Darker the “Berry”…

4th September 2014
Nubian Skin T-Shirt Bra and Bikini Brief in "Berry"
Nubian Skin T-Shirt Bra and Brief in “Berry”

It’s about time you get to know our shades a bit better, so to kick off our four week count down: The first in our profile of Nubian Skin skin-tones is Berry, and you know what they say, “The darker the berry…”

Berry is our darkest shade, and is probably best suited for those who use the below foundation shades or darker. These are just guidelines, so please use your own discretion.

Mac NW50
Iman Earth 6
Blackup HC 14
Laura Mercier Espresso
Bobbi Brown Espresso 10
Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint in Beige 90

Only four more weeks!

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    1. We are launching with band sizes 30 – 36 and cup sizes from B – DD/E. If business goes well, we’ll look into expanding our size range.

      1. This Mama needs a 34 A after nursing for two years 🙁 I can’t wait for you to expand your sizes a bit. Regardless, I am sharing this with every brown women I know. The plight of finding “flesh” tone… not anymore. I danced and cheered my entire life and I had to wear hideous beige tights and under garments. Not anymore and that makes me so, so happy. My little girl will never even half to experience the color craziness I did. Its a GREAT day for fashion!

  1. I am so excited about this. Finally a chance to find something in my coloring. I hope you’ll have my size too 🙂

    Berry will be too dark for me though. Can’t wait for the other shades!!

  2. I’m so excited! Can’t wait to buy, I’ve been looking for a fleshtoned bra for ages. Will you have strapless options available?

  3. As long as you have size 32DDD or 34DD AND you ship to Japan, I’m happy. I have this one brown bra that I wear pretty much all the time, it’s over stretched and in need of replacements!

  4. Beige 90? If is 90, it’s no longer beige. Shame on Lancôme.

    Hate it about the small only bras. Assuming that with black women as the target you’ll offer L and XL in panties.

  5. I am so excited about this new line. I cannot wait to purchase and I have told every female I know about it. Finally! Sad it took so long but happy you guys are here now. <3

  6. Thank you for this. I graduated to 34DD last year after my primary care physician told me in an exam my bra was too small. I went to Nordstrom’s to be fitted and of course there were only the Crayola “Peach” color for a nude choice. I love colorful lingerie, but when wearing lighter tops I need to blend seamlessly underneath. And, we all know that black casts a shadow under white. I recently returned to Nordstrom last week to replenish my panty collection and the Caucasian representative says, “Brown is the new ‘it’ color, can you believe it?” Without pause I replied, “It’s about time, black does not look well on my skin under white” to try to educate her on the assumption that the introduction of brown was like Pantone announcing their color of the year . . .shakes head.

    I would advise to be wary of assuming non-petite women don’t wear over a size DD. I am a dress size 6. And, I have friends who are dress sizes 2/4 and wear 30DDD, etc.

    Again, thank you for your forethought and innovation.

  7. I am too excited to purchase bras for my college freshman 34B and look forward to purchasing for myself 40DD, when WE have supported you enough to expand your line. I spent many years customizing her color with Ritz dye for ballet tights and canvas slippers. Thank you for your efforts.

  8. Hi, this project has been running worldwide and since i’m in Portugal, i would like to know if you will be shipping here?

    Congrats for this innovative and affirming project!

  9. This is wonderful. I’m going to treat myself to a new lingerie wardrobe!! Can you tell me what will be the shade just above that gorgeous Berry?

    I’m SO excited about this line – and VERY proud of you, Nubian Skin. Thank you for your vision and determination.

  10. I would, also, love to become an independent contractor. I can give incredible home parties. I live in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and I guarantee you that when this takes off, the major players in the lingerie business will expand their color line to compete. This is soooo needed. Thanks.

  11. I am so proud of you sisters. Is there going to be matching panties and or slips, girdles etc? I know my Sisters in the Islamic Community would be exited about this launch . Please keep me posted!

  12. I do not understand why you all use foundation colors to help choose what shades might be best suited for our skin tones. Not a good marketing strategy. Not all women wear makeup, like myself. I do like that you have models who represent a varied range of complexions and that is a better marketing strategy. Add several more sisters of complexions in between the once you have thus far and you might have us all covered. 🙂 Congratulations! Wishing you much success! Waiting for plus sizes. Black owed, black supported. Yeah!

  13. I’m excited about this news for us shades of brown ladies. I will share this info! I purchase from another high-end lingerie brand that fits me anywhere from a size 30G – 32J…please consider as soon as possible in launch to extend your cup size to larger than an E size. There are sooo many more of us fuller breasted brown ladies walking around out here. Blessings & prayers for a successful & long lasting business!

  14. I’m looking forward to your line. Lord knows I have worn out the 5 or 6 (and can’t find anymore) “dark brown” bras that I purchased from the Vasserette line at Walmart!

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