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Should I Straight or should I ‘Fro?

15th May 2015


I have recently been caught in the storm of wondering what exactly I should do with my hair. Do I ‘go natural’ and deal with this tricky ‘growing out’ phase I have heard so much about, or do I continue to relax my hair as I have done for the past 8 years? I love the look of natural hair in all its glory, so I decided that’s what I wanted. However, being rather impatient and used to having my hair relaxed, i.e. getting what you want when you want, I was tempted to take a shortcut.

I had decided to grow my hair without relaxing it for about 4 months when it started to become unmanageable and annoying, and that was when my mother-of-wisdom suggested that I try the KeraStraight treatment. I wasn’t particularly convinced because I didn’t want to waste the time I had spent growing out my locks, but equally her recommendation of it making your hair ‘softer and more manageable’ and shortening the time it takes to do post-wash was the final pull.

I had read a lot about the treatment prior to having it done – it gradually fades out of the hair after about 4 months, so my theory was to use that as a way of managing my hair whilst growing it out, and giving it a well-deserved moisturising treatment! I had also read that a lot of people didn’t get their hair quite as straight as they’d hoped (I think the product is also used on Caucasian hair, so it’s definitely not as strong as a relaxer).

The treatment itself involved a pre-shampoo using a special KeraStraight shampoo, followed by the application of the KeraStraight product onto (all of) the hair, washing it out, conditioning and then the finishing touches. All in all it took about 3 hours (I have a lot of hair so blow drying and straightening takes a while!) Overall I felt happy with the results; my hair is SO much softer and I can run my fingers through it without them getting stuck in the frizz. I would say, however, if you’re expecting it to be anything like a relaxer you will almost definitely be disappointed, but if you’re looking for easier to manage and softer hair without using chemicals then I would say definitely go for it!

Three more things to mention – 1. It is expensive – I spent £135 on the KeraStraight treatment, but on the flip-side I won’t have to go to the salon for 4 months…, 2. I have mixed hair and this is just my personal experience – so of course it is always going to be different for everybody and 3. Relaxed or natural, all hair is glorious!

So, to round up my experience I’m going to say that the KeraStraight treatment definitely improves the condition of your hair, and it may potentially be an easy (or impatient) way of getting round the growing out phase – but I’m going to have to wait and see what happens in the next 4 months!

Have you had any experiences of growing your hair out, or using KeraStraight? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

A x

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