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‘Staying Power’ at the V & A Museum

19th February 2015

We all need a bit of culture in our lives!  On Tuesday we went to visit the ‘Staying Power’ photography exhibition. Hosted at the V & A museum in London, the exhibition focuses on the Black experience in Britain from the 1950’s to present day. Aiming to raise awareness of the contribution of black Britons to British culture and society it shone a spotlight on eighteen Black photographers hailing from all over the UK. From Gavin Watson’s portrayal of gritty realism with the ‘Wycombe Skins’ to the glamourous shots of 1960’s Black British beauty pageants by Raphael Albert it was an insightful peek into variety and diversity of the ‘British Experience’.


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  1. This is an awesome exhibit! When I come home to visit relatives (I’m a first generation Black British now living in the US), I will definitely be visiting the V & A museum.

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