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Our favourite products for transitioning hair

30th November 2018

After endlessly purchasing products that didn’t work, following infinite tutorials and regularly feeling like giving up and tearing it out my hair – I’ve finally found some processes and products that work for me – kerrr-ching! As a woman of colour riding the natural hair movement wave, I was ready to embrace my natural curls (not that I knew what they would look like as it had been so long), but I nonetheless wanted them back. I spent months shoving my hair up in a bun with little care or love, but my hairdresser told me it was time to start caring for my hair, especially with the final chop coming up in December. I knew I had to do something about it, but I wasn’t too sure where to start.

I was fortunate enough to meet Melissa of Big Hair & Beauty (a hero) who was happy to introduce a clueless girl to some life (/hair) changing products and processes that I now adore. There are a few I’ve also added in myself…


Kera Care Hydrating Detangling Shampoo (Sulphate-Free), £5.40

The number one rule of curly conduct is that we need to use sulphate free products – and this is one is just that! When I used this product for the first time I was impressed by its thick consistency, and the way it lathered up well in my super thick hair. I divide my hair into four sections and work the shampoo mostly into the scalp. I then pull the shampoo through the rest of the hair and rinse. It leaves your hair perfectly clean and moisturised and doesn’t strip it!

Summed up in one sentence: Thick hair’s friend, and good value for money.


Big Hair DEEP Clay mask, £20

Now this is my one true love. Made with only natural ingredients including cocoa butter, avocado oil, banana & Moroccan Rhasoul clay, the mask seeps into your hair and gives it every bit of moisturising love it needs, helping to bring back shape to your coils. For this part of the process, I divide my hair into four sections, detangle and apply a generous amount to each section to make sure every strand gets some love. I then wear a plastic cap for about half an hour. Going in the bath creates extra steam/heat and a deeper condition for your hair, so if you have the time, I really recommend doing this! I’m yet to try a heated cap, but I’m sure that would also work very well. It also smells divine!

Summed up in one sentence: The feeling of love soaking into your hair – TRY IT AND YOU’LL SEE!


Big Hair MILK Leave in Moisturiser, £16 & Big Hair WHIP Moisturising Butter, £20

After rinsing out the DEEP conditioning clay, I remove excess water from my hair with a clean T-shirt so that it doesn’t get frizzy, which towels tend to do. Then, in the same four sections I generously apply MILK from root to tip which moisturizes your hair, a real type of moisturizer rather than something on the surface that just coats your hair. I then seal it with WHIP (less generously), which is a ‘moisturising butter’ that seals in moisture.

After, I plait my hair into about 10 plaits, adding more MILK and WHIP to each section. I then leave the plaits in for a few days while wrapping it at night, adding MILK to the plaits in the day. When I’m ready, I take out all of the plaits and I have a plait out/twist out curly look.

Summed up in one sentence: For the lazy amongst us (hands up), this is an easy, no fuss style for transitioning hair that needs love.



Afrocenchix Soothe – Natural Scalp Oil – £13

While wearing my hair in plaits I noticed that I was suffering from a bit of a dry scalp. I came across Afrocenchix and decided to give their Soothe oil ago – and it really worked a treat! Firstly, it smells heavenly, AND uses 100% natural ingredients, which I’m a fan of. It’s really helped me to maintain a healthy scalp, and it also encourages your hair to grow. At £13 it’s also a bit of steal! Round of applause.

Summed up in one sentence: This one is heaven ‘scent’…!


So those are the processes and products I’ve tried, loved and would definitely recommend for transitioning hair. What products have you tried and loved? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

AL x

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