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Gifts to make her smile!

2nd March 2016

Let’s make the most of Mother’s Day this year and treat her to something she’ll really love. Here’s our round up of what we think would make her smile!

Moisturizing Body Sets by Fashion Fair

Winter’s not over yet, so why not treat your Mum to Fashion Fair’s luxurious collection of Moisturizing Body Creams & oils to give her that luminous glow. You can add the oil to bath water or apply it after showering, protecting and moisturising the skin. Treat her to either a zesty Santorini Getaway or floral French Riveria Blue retreat! Available now at Debenhams.


Mosaic Photo Book App

There is nothing more special than giving your mother a gift made by YOU! In minutes you can create a personalized photo album composed of your Mother’s favourite things just with help of your Smartphone. You can download this handy app here on your Iphone or Android.

Harrods Cocoa Dusted Almonds

If any of you know any Mother that loves Chocolate and Almonds, then Harrods Cocoa Dusted Almonds is the perfect gift for them. These chocolates are dangerously delicious as each almond is coated with creamy milk chocolate and dusted generously with cocoa. You can order these wonderful chocolates online or in the Harrods Store.


Classic Breakfast in Bed

Who doesn’t love breakfast in Bed? You can’t go wrong with preparing Mum the most important meal of the day and this recipe for American Blueberry Pancakes is to die for.

Breakfast Club Cafe in London

Alternatively if you are not the best cook or would much rather take your Mum out for Breakfast. Try taking her to the one of the Breakfast Club Cafe locations as there is an exquisite breakfast menu to choose from.

Lush Spa Chelsea

Being a Mum is a full time job that lasts a lifetime. Honor your Mother’s hard work by sending her to the try the Good Hour Treatment at the Lush Spa in Chelsea. Your Mother will come out feeling stress-free after she’s enjoyed a 70 Minute Deep-Tissue Body Massage using Lush’s all natural products.


Nubian Skin e-gift card

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, you may have run out of time to get to the shop! Why not treat your Mum to something she’ll really love & get her a Nubian Skin e-gift card available on our website!

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