Nubian Skin Website Photoshoot

22nd August 2014
Photo courtesy of Martha Ojo Photography
Photo courtesy of Martha Ojo Photography

We had the most fantastic photoshoot this week!!!! It was a lot of work and organisation, but it all paid off.  We had a great team, and wonderful models.  I can’t wait for everyone to see the website with the final images.

Our models were absolutely stunning!  Kelly Murdock made sure all the girls had perfect hair, and the models looked flawless thanks to Buster Knight’s make up magic!  Julie Underwood, and her lingerie photography expertise, brought out the best in the girls, and Phil Macdonald and Nathaniel Lendor were on hand to chronicle the whole thing for our behind the scenes videos.

Your's truly, making sure everything went smoothly
Yours truly, making sure everything went smoothly. Photo courtesy of Martha Ojo Photography
Photo courtesy of Martha Ojo Photography
Buster Knight on Makeup
Buster Knight on Makeup. Photo courtesy of Martha Ojo Photography
Photo courtesy of Martha Ojo Photography

A big shout out to our Models Victoria Lamm, Mikayla Jones, Sema Tawi and Rachael Williams.  They couldn’t have been lovelier, and their personalities really shone through.

Note: All images in this post are courtesy of Martha Ojo Photography

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  1. This is a great idea, however, I noted amongst your models that you do not have a model with natural short black kinky hair. I would be great and welcoming to see your models represent all people of dark skin colour: including women with “natural short kinky” hair.

    Hey, something to think about….

    Ruth Dickson

      1. It isn’t a representation of hair, it is a representation of skin tones. In addition, women with natural hair do wear protective styles such as weaves which could have been the case too.

    1. Good afternoon ladies! It saddens me that we can’t celebrate a wonderful and huge accomplishment without displaying negativity. I am a “Berry” skin tone with kinky hair and I love the fact that the creator of this line decided to include my complexion. To which, she did not have to do if she chose otherwise. This is her “baby”, her creation, her masterpiece. Can we please congratulate and celebrate her creativity without making it about us. While I love my hair texture and everything else about me, it doesn’t have to be included in everything that I support and/or purchase. This isn’t about hair….it’s about our very beautiful skin and the celebration of women of color…all colors of Nubian skin! You may become upset and/or disagree but can we please not make it about us and celebrate the person who decided to share her dream. If you don’t like the fact that she did not include a dark skinned woman with natural, short, kinky hair then create the very exact line, call it something else and use models that are more to your liking, you know with natural, short, kinky hair.

  2. But…Victoria Lamm is a natural hair african american woman and she has a curly afro in the pictures….I don’t think the length of her hair makes it less “natural”….But I am loving this idea no more black bras under my white shirts any more!


  3. Looking forward to the launch and my first purchases. Let’s show this company some love and not be so critical to “want” everyone represented in a photo. I’m sure this isn’t their one and only photo shoot. We should be focusing on the fact that there’s finally a product for us in which other long running companies never gave it a second thought.

  4. Peace and blessings to you! I’m so excited for you and I pray much success for your business. I am proud to support such a venture and can’t wait until it’s launched! Your pieces are absolutely gorgeous and represent our color very well! Thank you!

  5. Okay, I could be looking at this the wrong way especially since this line is meant to empower women of color but. Why at the end of the article did they list the model names from lightest to darkest? Why did they not do a respective listing where they are names from left to right as they appear in the above photo? Like I said I could be looking at this the wrong way. Feel free to reply,. I want to know what the rest of the web thinks about this one. Done intentionally or a circumstantial thing?

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