No cups, no straps, no problem: Advantages of a bandeau

5th April 2019

You may have spotted the Nubian Skin bandeau and have wondered how to wear it, why we provide it, and even why it matters. Sound like you?

What’s a bandeau?

The Nubian Skin Bandeau is partly made up of Elastane material, which simply means it stretches to fit. The elastic band around the seams sit snugly on your skin to prevent the material from shifting when worn.

Why buy a bandeau?

Because a bandeau connects all around and doesn’t have clasps like a usual bra, it’s often more comfortable for all day wear.

Advantages of a bandeau:

There are many advantages of wearing a bandeau which are centered around versatility and comfort. We’re sharing how both can keep you comfortable and on trend this season!

You can wear a bandeau bra-style, and comfortably pair it with a garment that fully covers the bandeau. Without the fuss of a regular day-to-day bra, a bandeau is easy to slip on or off without straps or a cup to adjust to fit. For breastfeeding mothers, this might just be more ideal.

During springtime and summer, a bandeau can be worn as your sole external top if you opt not to wear anything over your bandeau, or even pair it with a blazer or lightweight denim jacket for cool summer nights.


Our bandeaus are sized from XS to XL. The more snug the size, the better the fit.

Ultimately, bandeau bras are about freedom and comfort. The versatility provides you with endless styling options to wear it as an external top, with a loose fitted top for a peek of colour (or to cover up intimate parts), or underneath a strapless summer dress. Either way, have fun with your look!

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