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Mic calls Nubian Skin “the pioneers of inclusive nude lingerie”

25th April 2018

Ade was recently interviewed by Rachel Lubitz of Mic for a really interesting article on the ‘nude’ lingerie industry, covering everything from her idea for Nubian Skin, right through to the future and what she feels is still missing.

Like many businesses, Ade Hassan’s was birthed from frustration.

She was working in the corporate world in London, in roles in which pantyhose and neat button-down shirts were essential parts of the necessary wardrobe. But because of her skin tone, she was having a much more difficult time sticking to that uniform than her lighter-skinned counterparts.

“I couldn’t find something like skin-toned pantyhose, and when I asked in stores, they told me ‘Well, you can just wear black ones,’” Hassan said in an interview with Mic. “When it came to thinner shirts that could be sheer, then again I was faced with not having something underneath that matched my skin.”

Hassan had always wanted to start her own business, and had long been interested in fashion. This was her way in.

Head to Mic to read the full article!

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