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Luxury Manicure Review – Bliss Spa London

9th December 2014
Bliss Upper Hand Manicure with Essie Smokin' Hot
Bliss Upper Hand Manicure with Essie Smokin’ Hot

My nails were cut, filed and prepped before being inserted into bags filled with hot cream…talk about heaven on a brisk autumn evening. Following this, my cuticles were pushed back and carefully cut and tidied. Then came the sigh-inducing paraffin treatment. My hands that were already soaked in cream were coated in paraffin wax and left to soak in the moisture in a plastic bag.

After all this amazingness, the therapist applied a Seche Vite base coat, colour was expertly (if a little slowly) applied and then my nails were topped with a Seche Vite top coat. Any errant polish was tidied with a paint brush. The manicure was perfect! My only gripe was the amount of time it took for the polish to be applied.

A few added little touches, I was offered a delicious mint tea by a brand called Bloom, I’d never heard of them before. The spa has Sex and the city on loop on the four screens. They’re subtitled, but you can also ask for ear phones.

There are four manicure stations upstairs, so perfect if you want to go as a group. It’s very spacious. Bliss means serious business.

Salon: Bliss Spa London
Location: Chelsea
Treatment: Upper Hand Manicure
Description: A youth-inducing soothing and smoothing hand treatment with a brightening and hydrating serum, scented paraffin wrap, and Hot Cream Manicure. Recommended for dry/dehydrated or sun-damaged hands (60 mins)
Colour: Essie Smokin’ Hot
Cost: £50

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