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Inspirational Women – Black History Month

7th October 2016

We are already in the month of October and here in London, while everyone struts in their autumn attire, we also celebrate a very important month… Black History Month! Black people have made many great contributions to civilization and this month we would like to take a moment to acknowledge these great achievements. Today, we shed light on the accomplishments of two empowering women…

Angela Davis

Angela Davis was originally born in Birmingham, Alabama and is widely known for her activities as an activist during the civil rights movement and involvement with the Black Panthers.

In 1972, Angela was on the FBI’s most wanted list for her activism and was eventually sentenced to death. However, thanks to an international mobilization, she was acquitted and become an icon of the struggle for black rights.

Angela learns that “equality between black and white people would only exist if there was also equality between men and women” and became one of the leading figures for black feminism.

She continued to advocate for women’s rights and teaches courses on the history of consciousness. Davis is also the author of several books, one of which includes her well-known book, Women, Race and Class.


Waris Dirie

Former model and activist, Waris Dirie journey began when she was 5 years old in the slums of Djibouti, when she undergone female circumcision.

When she was 13, her father announced that she would be marrying a man in his 60’s. On her own terms, Waris end up fleeing her to go to London where she would be discovered by a photographer and began her career in modelling.

After a successful career in modelling, she began to realize that modelling was unsatisfying and become an advocate for female genital mutilation.

Since then, she has made many accomplishments, such as opening a medical clinic for women who have undergone FGM, and continues to fight for justice.


What other black women have inspired you? We’d love to know – leave us a comment below!

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