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Our Favourite British Haircare Brands

Howdy, all! We’ve been busy working towards our Autumn/Winter launch! Keep your eyes peeled for a brand new collection—delivered by none other than Nubian Skin. In other news, this past week we’ve been chatting all things haircare in the office so it’s only right to showcase our favourite British haircare brands! Afrocenchix’s Seal, Moisture Locking […]

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Our favourite products for transitioning hair

After endlessly purchasing products that didn’t work, following infinite tutorials and regularly feeling like giving up and tearing it out my hair – I’ve finally found some processes and products that work for me – kerrr-ching! As a woman of colour riding the natural hair movement wave, I was ready to embrace my natural curls […]

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5 Beauty Must-Haves!

Face Tony Moly I’m Real Skin Care Facial Mask Sheet Yes, yes! We know you’ve heard just about everything there is to know about Sheet Masks but if you haven’t, here’s a little back-story! Originally from Korea, Sheet Masks are cotton sheets drenched in skin-loving ingredients that aim to moisturize, brighten and treat fine lines […]

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Nubian Hair Series – Cleansing Tips

We get top tips from Dr. Crystal Aguh on keeping your hair healthy and strong all year round! Naturally curly hair requires special attention to keep it looking its best at all times. Whether you’re natural or relaxed, here are tips to keep your hair healthy and strong this year: Use a sulfate-free shampoos Generally speaking, […]

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