Budget Manicure Review: VY Nails

2nd September 2014

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VY Nails, Manicure 27/08/14
VY Nails, Manicure 27/08/14


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Yesterday I went for a manicure at VY nails. VY nails provides a quiet safe haven from the noise of the city. The size of the studio is small and compact, occupying 6 nail stations and an additional room which provides services such as massages and pedicures.

I arrived at 10am, just as they opened and after choosing my colour (Bahamama by Essie) I was allocated a nail station to receive my manicure. I was quite impressed by their nail collection and I was definitely spoiled for choice. At the end I went for a deep berry polish which is a great transitional colour as we are quickly wrapping summer here in the UK. The nail technician who attended to me was as lovely as they come. As I have quite short nails and small cuticles she gave me great advice on how to grow my nails and take care of them. I often avoid anything that has to do with nail care because of how ashamed I am of my nails. However, she assured me that it was fine and I should get regular manicures because if your nails look good you’re less likely to want to ruin them.

I loved that she didn’t try to sell me any products or encourage me to specifically get manicures at VY nails or even to opt for gel or acrylic nails which would cost more. She showed a general concern for my personal nail journey and the difficulties I encounter with growing my nails.  I was blown away by the hot towel massage, which was amazing!  It was incredibly therapeutic given the stressful week I had been having. I also loved that as she did my nails she took me through each step and explained everything to me as she went along.

The manicure was lovely, but I was disappointed because the polish began to chip pretty quickly. However, that could have been due to me banging around looking for my travel card. Would I go back? Absolutely! the atmosphere was professional and almost nurturing. All the nail technicians were either working or in a small room at the back. As other customers filtered in as my nails dried, they received similar care. In addition the radio in the studio was a great touch, it was playing great music throughout my whole manicure. Definitely a thumbs up for VY Nails.

Key stats:

Salon: VY Nails
Website: http://vynails.co.uk/
Location: Earls Court Branch
Treatment: Manicure
Description: A manicure that also includes a hot towel massage
Colour: Bahamama by Essie
Cost: £16


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  1. You have to try Nail Envy by OPI! It’s a bit costly, I believe $18 US, but soooo worth it. I’ve had acrylics for years and my nails have always been weak. After I took the acrylics off you can imagine how thin, gross, peeling, and weak my nails were. You use the Nail Envy with no base or top coat, just two coats the first day, then one coat every other day for a week and repeat. I go for in between manicures to keep up with cuticles but only use this stuff and let me tell you, I’m in love with it. P.S. I get nothing for sharing this except hopefully helping out other ladies with sub-par nails like myself! Cheers!

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