Budget Manicure Review: MW Nails

16th September 2014

MW Nails is definitely in a class of it’s own when it comes to ingenuity. The salon is in a fun location, in old Spitafields market. When I walked in, it was like stepping into a retro airline cabin, with the added touch of a “check-in” desk. As I’d never been there before, I was asked to sit in what looked like an actual row of airplane seats to fill in a little form with basic information.

My therapist asked me to pick a colour and showed me to my station. I went for a pinky, coral colour as I want to get one last punchy summer colour in before Autumn (that’s Fall for the Americans ;)). In total, the salon had six manicure stations on the ground floor and an additional manicure station and there pedicure stations in the basement. It’s well lit and cheerfully decorated with the airline theme.

My therapist began the treatment by sanitising her hands with an anti-bacterial gel and asking me to do the same. Then she filed, shaped and buffed my nails before applying some CND cuticle remover. She adequately tidied my cuticles before rubbing in some cuticle oil and then moisturising my hands. She asked if I wanted some tissue to wipe off the excess moisturiser, which I did, and then she cleaned my nail bed to prep for the colour. The therapist applied an Essie base coat and then applied my OPI colour. She actually switched to a new bottle half way through because she thought the texture of the first wasn’t great. It’s always nice when a therapist pays attention to detail. Two coats of colour and a coat of Seche Vite later, and I was all done. She put a bit of cuticle oil on the skin under my nail and asked me to wait 15 minutes to let the nails dry a bit. Overall, I was impressed with the service, and my nails looked great! After taking a seat in my passenger seat for 15 minutes, I asked them to spray my nails with some quick dry, and off I went into the rain. The lady at reception was kind enough to help with my umbrella. The whole process including drying took about 45 minutes.

The verdict, great service, friendly, polite staff, beautiful nails and a very cool design concept. If you’re planning to spend some time around Spitafields Market, definitely stop by, even if you’re not, it’s worth a visit.

Key Stats:
Salon: MW Nails
Location: Spitafields Market
Treatment: Rapid Rio
Description: A highly efficient manicure that includes light cuticle work, nail re-shaping and buffing with a relaxing hand massage followed by an application of your choice of nail polish
Colour: OPI live love carnival
Cost: £19


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