Budget Manicure Review – Cheeky Parlour

15th July 2014

Brought to you by the group behind Cowshed and Shoreditch House, Cheeky Parlour is one of those places that seems too good to be true. As I walked into the entrance at Redchurch street, I was a bit hesitant, as it didn’t look particularly polished or occupied for that matter. However, I was in Shoreditch, and not everything is as it first appears. Up the stairs I went, and am I glad I did. I was greeted, by lovely staff at the reception, and the salon itself was shabby chic perfection! I could go on about the brand and what they’re trying to do, but check out their website for more details ( On to the manicure…

I’ve had a lot of manicures, budget, luxury and everything in between, and a recurring problem of mine are my cuticles. My nails were done by the lovely Remi. She and Roberto (on the pedicure) were both great, and had the perfect balance of engaging with me (talked enough, but not too much) but keeping focused on the task at hand. I was offered a drink and then we got down to business. My nails were filed, soaked, and Remi did a very thorough job on my cuticles before moving on to buffing, followed by moisturising (with a very lovely mini hand massage). She also explained that my cuticles were very hard because I have very dry skin and I never push them back. She recommended that I begin to use to an oil morning and night on my cuticles and remember to push them back! I’m so glad to have not only a diagnosis but a solution to my tough cuticles. We’ll see where I am in a couple of months.

After my hands were moisturised, Remi cleaned my nail surface and very carefully applied the Nailtiques base coat to my nails (I always take this with me to manicures), two coats of Peachy Keen polish and followed it with a seche vite top coat. I was incredibly happy with the results! The salon gets five stars for ambience, staff, and most importantly the manicure. See above for the picture. Nubian definitely loves Cheeky.

Key Stats:
Salon: Cheeky Parlour
Location: Shoreditch
Treatment: The Cheeky Works Manicure
Description: “File & shape, all cuticle work, buff, soften and moisturise followed by a lick of paint”
Colour: Peachy Keen by Cheeky
Cost: £15

This is a picture of the manicure a week on. Full disclosure, I applied a top coat of Nailtiques nail treatment for the first three days of the manicure. It still looked very good with only minimal wear at the tips.