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Budget Manicure Review: California Nail Bar

29th July 2014

Hey all,

It’s Mary from Nubian Skin with another Manicure review; but before I get started on what was an interesting experience here are the key stats:

Salon: California Nail Bar (Hampstead Branch)

'Kiss me by tulips' California Nail Bar 23/07/14
‘Kiss me by tulips’ California Nail Bar

Location: Hampstead
Treatment: Manicure
Description: File, soak, cuticle work, polish
Colour: OPI – Kiss me on tulips
Cost: £13

The Nail bar is located not too far from Hampstead station, approximately a 1 minute walk, which is great as it is easy to find and that is always a plus. It was quite an interesting experience receiving a manicure at this particular salon. Hampstead is a beautiful area filled with cobbled streets appearing of high-class and opulence. However my treatment was to some extent, of a different nature. After being asked to choose my preferred colour, I was seated and waited for the nail technician. She arrived and immediately began to file my nails. The Nail salon itself is a moderate size. It is all white containing 5 work stations and a plasma television to the right of the salon which by the way, was not on during my 70 minute manicure. Nevertheless it was well ventilated and the actual seat was quite comfortable which enabled me to endure the manicure.

Throughout my entire treatment, the nail technician was engaged in several conversations with other colleagues, which would have been fine if it was not for the whole entire manicure and  if she at least attempted to engage in a conversation with me. She began by filing my nails and buffing them. This was followed by a soak in what appeared to be just warm water and then proceeded to push back my cuticles and cut them. Then she wiped my hands and began to massage my hands with hand cream. It was very calming and was notably my favourite part of process. After she applied a base coat on my nails, followed by my chosen colour and another coating of ‘Kiss me on tuilips’ and then a top coat. It looked absolutely gorgeous on and is definitely summer appropriate. She then placed my hand under a dryer and then left me. I was not notified of how long I was expected to remain there for. It wasn’t until I notified her that they were dry,which was approximately 25 minutes later, did she then realise I was there for longer than required and then told me I was done and could leave.

Overall the nail treatment was satisfactory, however it took longer than expected. 70 minutes is arguably a long time to complete a manicure. What disappointed me in particular was how non personal the treatment was. But if you are someone who isn’t really into small talk then this is definitely a great nail salon to go to. Ultimately the aim is to get your chosen nail request completed. Nevertheless customer care is always important, which in opinion, on this particular occasion was neglected.

Update: You can see by comparison how well the nails have kept up. 3 days later and they still look great. There hasn’t been any chipping so far and the colour as I mentioned earlier is absolutely gorgeous! I have received many compliments.

'Kiss me on tulips' 26/07/14
‘Kiss me on tulips’ California Nail Bar


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