Budget Manicure Review – Beautiful Nails Studio

6th August 2014
Fresh Manicure from Beautiful Nails Studio
Fresh Manicure from Beautiful Nails Studio

Bless them, they really do try, but this salon is more shabby than chic. I went to the Beautiful Nails Studio in the morning, so I was the only customer there. They were polite enough, and I’d bought my own colour (Rococo Nail Apparel!!), so we got right down to business. The salon itself is a good size. They have four manicure stations and four pedicure stations. It was a cool morning and the front door was open, so ventilation wasn’t a problem, but I imagine it would get quite stuff if they were at capacity.

I was quite happy that I’d taken by own nail polish and base coat as I wasn’t particularly impressed with their selection. The manicure was fine. I had a polite male therapist. He paid good attention to my cuticles, which I appreciated. They are definitely becoming much easier to manager since I received advice from the nail technician at the Cheeky Parlour. He also gave me a good hand massage. I did find his tidying method, which was to use his fingernails to scrape any excess polish, a bit disconcerting.

They didn’t ask if I wanted to pay before the manicure started, and I found out once my nails were done that they only take cash. They were pretty easy going about letting me go round the corner to a cash machine. The manicure took 45 minutes in total, including 5 minutes of drying time.  In my opinion, this was too long given the manicure wasn’t anything special. I probably should have stayed an extra 5 minutes under the nail dryer, but I was pretty keen to get out of there.

Major gripe: Two of the nail technicians who were not working spent a lot of time in the mirror fixing their hair and generally preening. This didn’t come across as very professional. Bottom line: the manicure was adequate, but I wouldn’t go back. There wasn’t anything incredibly wrong with the salon, but there are plenty of places that offer better manicures with more professional service in a nicer environment. If you live or work around Goodge Street and don’t care much about the interior of the salon, then it might be worth your while.

The manicure lasted much longer than I expected it to. I had some significant chipping on my index and middle fingers, but overall, it still looked pretty good. The picture below is after seven days. I didn’t even re-apply a top coat. Granted, Rococo nail polish is very high quality. The colour (Nissi) is wonderful on darker skin because of its deep and warm tone.

Day 7 of manicure.
Day 7 of manicure.

Key Stats:
Salon: Beautiful Nails Studio
Location: Goodge Street
Treatment: Manicure & Massage
Description: Does what it says on the tin
Colour: Rococo Nail Apparel (Nissi) – Reviewer’s own
Cost: £15

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