Berry, Cinnamon, Caramel & Café au Lait Popsicles!

6th April 2016

Ice Cream is wonderful – who doesn’t love it? The only downside is that homemade Ice Cream takes time, effort and patience. Popsicles on the other hand are the answer for those who want a tasty homemade treat without the labour that’s needed to make ice cream.

With that in mind we bring you our edit of popsicles for your Nubian Skin! Check out these easy awesome recipes that also match our four gorgeous tones!

Berry Swirl Frozen Yogurt 

For all you Berry ladies out there – this recipe is great combination of tart, tangy, sweet (and apparently healthy, too)! Not only is it delicious but also very pretty and as they say – the darker the Berry..! With only 10 minutes’ prep time – this treat will be even sweeter! For this bomb recipe, Click Here.

Cinnamon-Chai Spiced Coconut Fig 

A little bit sweet, a little bit spicy – Cinnamon ladies, we have something you’re going to love! For those of you who fancy something a little more exotic, this is a great recipe that combines coconut creaminess with warm, sweet spice. Chai Spices, Coconut, and figs = exotic, tasty & glam. And its vegan! For this recipe, Click Here!

Salted Bourbon Caramel

Sweet, golden goodness – caramel ladies, this one is for you! Loving the salted caramel trend? Then this is something to hype over! Salted Caramel Popsicles…. what more is there to say other than YUMMM! For this Recipe, Click Here!

Café Au Lait

More parts cream than coffee – hey café au lait coffee lovers, this Mocha Cream Popsicle recipe is calling your name because this popsicle is the perfect morning fix! Creamy, tasty & easy – why not give it a go? Click Here for the Recipe.

Enjoyed these recipes? Let us know how they went & what you thought!


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