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Ade Hassan featured in PAPER Magazine amongst 6 other WoC brands!

23rd March 2018

Shout out to our founder Ade Hassan for recently being featured in PAPER Magazine amongst 6 other Women-of-Colour owned brands to know! The article featured seven incredible boss-babes all imparting insightful and inspirational entrepreneurial advice! Check out the full article here, which also features Destiney Bleu of D.Bleu.Dazzled who we partnered with for a LFW collection last year!

Ade Hassan, Nubian Skin Founder

What was the inspiration for the brand?

Essentially it was born out of frustration, because every time I went to a shop and asked for a nude bra, pantyhose, or in any situation in which I had to match skin tone I could never find mine. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and I’d always wanted it to be in the fashion space. I remember one day sitting at my desk, and the idea just popped into my head that if nobody else is doing it, then it doesn’t exist, so I thought maybe that’s what my business would be.

Personally, what has been the best part of being a self-made entrepreneur?

Probably one of the most exciting parts was when I received the very first samples. It was like, “This is here, this is actually happening.” I think when you’ve been thinking about an idea for so long, you have it in your head, but when you actually have it in your hand that’s a pretty amazing thing.

What do you hope women who wear Nubian Skin sets feel?

I want my brand to empower women to embrace our color. That’s something I hope we convey in everything that we do. It’s really important to me that people feel like they can express themselves and feel that their color is important and worth having. So a brand that focuses on giving them their skin tone is important. It’s not just a make-do but a huge part of who you are.

What advice do you give to women of color that were in your position?

The worst thing is to look back 17 years and think “what if”, so you might as well take the risk and leap because failing is not the worst thing that could happen. And the second thing is to believe in yourself because sometimes I think we look for other people for validation, and if we aren’t the ones saying, “I believe in myself, I can do this,” then how can we expect other people to?”

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