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Ade features on #PitchPodcast

30th July 2018

Listen to the latest #PitchPodcast episode with our founder Ade Hassan, MBE & Pitch founder Sherry Collins. #PitchPodcast is a podcast hosted by Pitch editor Sherry Collins and guest editor Nadya Powell, interviewing some of the world’s most interesting creatives, entrepreneurs, filmmakers and advertising executives featured in Pitch. Each episode explores their journey, their work and their advice on how to succeed in the creative industry.

In the latest episode Ade discusses her journey as an entrepreneur, how she started Nubian Skin & the role black women have played in making a brand for women of colour.

Ade Hassan, MBE is the founder and CEO of Nubian Skin and grew up between the UK, Nigeria, and the US, an experience that was integral to the founding of her business – the trailblazing hosiery and lingerie brand which caters for black and brown women and their varying shades.

In this episode Pitch founder and editor Sherry Collins interviews Ade. They discuss how Ade went from finance (private equity fundraising) to fashion, the reactions from friends and family; as well as the difference between launching a business to running a business. She talks about the importance of giving back and mentoring in order to pass on the knowledge she wishes she had. Ade finally discusses the importance of her childhood and how growing up in a place where everyone looks like you allows you to see the world with no limits; so that you don’t settle and the impossible becomes achievable. In 2017 Ade was awarded an MBE services to fashion in recognition of Ade’s commitment to her mission to redefine nude.

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