A Note on Our Bra Sizes

5th September 2014

We’ve received a lot of questions about what sizes we carry.  We are launching with size 30B up to 36DD/E.  We know this doesn’t cover everyone, and we realise a plus size offering is so important, however we had to start somewhere.  We are sincerely hoping business will go well, so that we can expand our size and product range.   We are already looking into the design and manufacture of a broader range of sizes. Thank you so much for your support, and we hope to offer a broader range of sizes in the coming months.

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  1. I’m so excited for the launch of this company! Will you consider, some time in the future, manufacturing specialty bras (e.g. maternity)?

      1. Oui , moi aussi de Paris. j’aurais espérer que vous seriez aller jusqu’au G 105 G. De nos jours c’est la norme. LOL. Dans tous les cas j’espère que je pourrai aussi profiter d’achat dans votre nouvelle société

      1. realize* not realise (I’m sure it was a typo but a, yeah)… in reference to plus size undergarments in which I’m looking for as well.

        1. No it’s most likely “realise” because I believe this company is UK based or at least influenced. I’m personally excited about the line even though my true size isn’t represented (38 A) yet but, I’ll make a padded B cup work! Wish you much success and a quick expansion to plus sizes! I worked for Lane Bryant and personally know the need for larger sizes and the profitability!

    1. I agree! It’s nice to see you guys are doing 30 bands as those are so hard to find….and 30A is even harder to find! With all the requests for larger sizes, I hope you guys consider making smaller sizes as well in the future. 🙂

  2. Aarrrggghhhh!
    Somebody Somebody create bras above E cup for women of colour. I swear you’ll clean up. Nubianskin you’re missing a major opportunity here. What’s your point of difference? Whatever it is it isn’t meeting a market demand for cup sizes above E. Dope!

    1. Thanks for your comment Anna. We are a self-funded start up and properly designing and manufacturing larger cup sizes at high quality requires significant investment. We are really hoping business goes well, so we can invest this area. Rome wasn’t built in a day…Please bear with us.

      1. I think what you’re doing now is smart business sense. Most of your market is going to be within the sizes you’re covering with your launch. I’m excited that you’ll be expanding to cover all sizes in the future, but for now, thank you for what you’re doing!

      2. I completely understand starting with limited sizing. It certainly makes good business sense, but with the number of comments posted for women asking for larger sizes, have you considered a crowd funding campaign to raise capital to be able to expand sizing in the future? That way those who say they will support if you had larger or smaller sizes can contribute to help make that a reality.

        1. Oh, yes. If you need to crowd fund in the future to start developing/manufacturing the larger cup sizes, I would love to contribute, too. But since you need to start somewhere, power to you 🙂

        2. Exactly what I was thinking as well! As a very full 38 DD I am always struggling to find comfortable, well crafted, yet pretty undergarments. I will definitely be watching your growth!

  3. Your site just popped up in my Fbk timeline and I rushed to check you out!! The photos look amazing as well as the styles and colors. Due to your initial run I will not be able to purchase anything for myself, I’m a 34H..hint hint, but hope to pick up something for my daughter who is a 34D when you go live. This is an amazing thing you’re doing for brown women everywhere..Be blessed!

    1. Thank you Tiffany! We’re hoping business goes well, so we can invest into properly designing and manufacturing larger cup and band sizes. Bear with us and watch this space. x

  4. Can’t wait for a broader range of sizes to be included. I can’t buy anything until I find some As. (It’s already hard enough to find them in stores) It’s also a good idea to include a broader range of bust sizes.

    1. Thank you for the feedback. We definitely get where you’re coming from. We’re hoping business goes well, so we can offer a broader range x

  5. I am glad at this much welcomed initiative. I’d suggest that you also have bigger sizes such as DDD+ so that more women can benefit from your merchandise.

    1. We’re hoping business goes well, so we can invest into properly designing and manufacturing larger cup and band sizes. Bear with us and watch this space. x

  6. Yes!! I got all excited…for nothing. NONE of these will I be able to buy. I’m a 46C and even that’s pushing it. My sister (who is around 130lbs) can’t even wear these–she’s a 38E. Designers SAY they know plus sizes are important, but they don’t really act on it. Even stores like Torrid and Lane Bryant only seem to go up to a 38/40 in most sizes. Oh well…guess I gotta find someone else to support.

    1. Thanks for your comment. We are a self-funded start up and properly designing and manufacturing larger cup sizes at high quality requires significant investment. We are really hoping business goes well, so we can invest this area. Rome wasn’t built in a day…Please bear with us.

    1. Hi there, we’re hoping business goes well, so we can invest into properly designing and manufacturing larger cup and band sizes. Bear with us and watch this space. x

    2. I was wearing the wrong size bra for years! You have no idea how fabulous it felt to FINALLY be fitted with the proper sized bra. The difference was like night and day. I’m a 34H/HH depending on the cut and style of the bra. So I’m really hoping that this company caters to women like me. I’m petite but curvy, and I’m a size 6 in trousers. But because of my bust line, I look much bigger than I am really am with ill-fitting bras. I am disappointed that they’ve started with such a small range of sizes but I live in hope.

    3. @ Isis
      Yes to your comment. I’m that size and not plus size. It’s really annoying that one they thing being higher than a DD makes you plus size and two they gave you a canned response that doesn’t match your comment.

  7. Was excited about this *until* I saw the limited bra sizes, which probably also means there’s no 18/20 or 22/24 in panties. I think it’s interesting that you will consider carrying them if the business takes off. This tells me that you don’t think the plus size market is one that can contribute to this “taking off”, when in fact it can. There’s tons of competition in the misses lingerie market. Not a lot of options in plus and then throw nude colors on top of it? Sounds like a good business model to me. Can’t support this until you carry my size.

    1. This is so true. Plenty of women of color won’t fit into the size range currently on offer, meaning that a significant segment of potential customers can’t even wear the selections. I’d love a 44DD and would purchase a full range, but have to wait until they decide to expand their line. What if that never happens.

    2. The idea is not that the larger market can’t support the launch. The idea is that it costs far more to create bigger bras that are also quality. For a small company without endless venture capital, that’s rough. Most companies have to start out where most of their audience is found.

      1. Exactly. It’ easy to armchair quarterback when you have have nothing invested in the game. Everyone who has requested larger sizes has had their voice heard. Everyone who has made a snarky comment hopefully has been ignored.

        The color is in itself a target market. The sizes, I am sure, have been studied. If your size is not here yet, come back and buy when it is. Rather than hurl insults as some, not all, have how about YOU start a GoFundMe campaign and be the FIRST one to contribute to it?

        The difficulty in Black-owned businesses is that you not only have to deal with the outside world, but our own folks can be very harsh and judgmental when all you are trying to do is help. Say your piece and keep it positive.

        Nubian Skin keep doing what you are doing and as soon as you are able, you have many examples of product line extensions straight from your potential customers (in addition to doing actual market research, because you know some of the ones crying the loudest won’t be the ones to put their money where their mouth is). Great idea. Bravo!

  8. I was also excited to learn about this product until I realized that you weren’t carrying A cups. They really are hard to find. 🙁

  9. I think it’s wise to start with a smaller range of sizes and branch out. It just makes more sense to start with sizes that fall into the majority to help build your brand, then branch out- especially since you are self-funded. Thanks so much for finally creating nudes that will be nude to me! However, if you do branch out into larger sizes, I will place a standing order NOW for all the 36K’s, lol.

  10. I understand that you all will not be expanding your bra sizes for a while, but when you do could you consider making large cup sizes with small bands (such as 30H, 32G, 34F, etc)? Contrary to popular belief most larger chested women do not need bigger band sizes, but we’re often forced into them in order to make it work (women out there if you’re only a size 6 in jeans there is NO WAY you should be wearing a 38DD.. your band is too big and cups are too small!!!) we often get forced to stop at DD or DDD if we’re lucky and just have to size up in band size to accommodate so a woman that probably should be in a 32G for example, would be forced to compromise and wear a 36DDD.
    I just really hope your company takes note of this and actually offers a wide range of bra sizes in the future (actually 30-44 AA-H perhaps instead of that terrible 36-44 D-H most companies such as Lane Bryant tend to offer) and that you guys are well educated in bra fitting. I know most lingerie manufactures fail to realize that with the way bra sizes work they are already pre-scaled and there is absolutely no need to provide larger cup sizes for larger bands and smaller cup sizes for smaller bands as a 42B is already equal in volume to a 32F so there’s absolutely no reason for companies to not provide sizes for a bigger woman with a smaller chest or for a smaller woman with a larger chest.
    I do wish your company luck and really hope that it takes off well so I can get one of those lovely pieces in a 30G in the future and when you expand sizes you all don’t go that ever so popular route of only catering to plus sizes ladies (band sizes 36+) and forgetting about us thinner ladies with larger busts.

    1. Yes ! I’ve been reading the comments wondering why no one pointed this out ! I was wearing a 38DD until I started doing some research online. Went to a bra boutique; turns out I’m really a 32G ! I have now been wearing the correct nra size for a year and the difference is astronomical.

      Most women are not wearing their proper bra size and have no idea (like I was). As many women of color have larger breast sizes I really hope this company will call attention to that if and when they expand their range of sizes.

    2. Word! As someone who’s supposed to be a 34F or so, I often have to get creative with my bra sizing because it’s as if no one’s heard of a cup larger than a DD, maybe DDD if you’re lucky. And then bra sizes vary so wildly depending on who makes them. I’ve had to put a 38DDD from Lane Bryant on the tightest loop, and it holds the girls I suppose, but it’s not ideal. But I’ve found 38DDDs that don’t fit at all, and a 36G that works out okay.

      Anyway, I get starting off with smaller bands and cups, but I gotta admit I was still disappointed. I guess that just means everyone here needs to support the hell out of these guys so they can expand to a greater variety of sizes! Please! Do it for us! I’ll be the happiest little girl in the world when I can finally get a flesh-colored bra AND one in my size!

    3. Exactly. I am plus sized now (and nearly 60, thank you!), but when I was young I was slender and needed bigger cups. One of my daughters was wearing a 28 GG! She’s now into a 30 or 32 G/H.

      Myself? 42H-L depending on the brand. We’re pulling for you guys to make it so that you can serve larger cup sizes AND plus sizes. I’ve been reading the comments, and I know you have heard people, but please don’t stop at DDD cups and 40 bands. You know you can crowdsource this if you need to!!

  11. If I went to somewhere that said A range of bras for women of colour. To see them in the sizes that you cater for has honestly surprised me. Surely your market place repeat business, return customers will be that of a more curvaceous nature? I know as you said Rome wasn’t built in a day but even up to 36g would have been a great start. Women talk, let’s spread the word to our friends and hope and pray that the return you get will let us be included in this soon! X

  12. As another petite lady it’s true A cups are sometimes hard to find. Although I truly understand your size selection it based on market research and years ago I sold lingerie I started with only A to D sizes later added up to E to H but my target market was not as precise. I was young and inexperienced especially with marketing. Unfortunately the business ended avfew years ago and I am about to start my new venture in a totally different area. Nubian Skin you are doing what’s best to sell your product to your target market so even though I am a petite lady I will wait until your range expands and then purchase my A cup. You will be successful and many of us will spread the word 🙂 good luck for launch day and live your dream, value your customers and all will go well x

  13. I was super excited until I saw the bras start at B cup. I’m an A cup and I have friends who are A and AA. I have plenty of bottoms but I need bras that fit in shades of brown too.

  14. Thank you for all your comments ladies! When we do expand our range, we will completely take on board the comments about the small bands with larger cup sizes and larger band sizes in general. Our aim is to do things correctly and to a high standard, and that takes care and time. Thank you for your support and understanding.

  15. Are you willing to accept custom orders for the larger cup sizes and smaller bands? I am a 32J and would be willing to pay the extra money to do this.

  16. I agree with the majority of comments on here. For ladies like myself with a small band size and large bust, it’s hard enough to find bras that look good and aren’t too pricey so it would be great for you guys to do it as soon as you’re able! Thanks

  17. I, for one, am going to bug every woman I know in your size range to support this beautiful endeavor. The sooner this first batch is wildly sucessful, the sooner I can purchase a couple bras in 36G, right? Well done and good luck!

    1. That’s what I am talking about! It makes no sense to just say ugly things. Just refer those people we know to the site so we can then have progress moving in our direction. Because I really, really want this stuff.

  18. Well, this is unfortunate. I think you should come out of the gate with at least up to 38DD. I shared this on fb but I admit to being somewhat disappointed. Good luck with your business.

  19. I am so excited about your line! I,unfortunately, am a 34 DDD and won’t be able to benefit just yet. However I am looking forward you seeing this expand. Please please please do your best to provide quality material. I don’t mind waiting as long as the material is quality. I am always looking for nude under garments that are PRETTY! They are so hard to find. Good luck in your success and I am looking forward to the expansion of your sizes!

    1. There are some petite curvy women too. I am a 32 FF.
      Larger bands and cups are more apt to be able to walk into most plus size stores and pick up a bra off the shelf. Small band larger cup, not so much. We are limited to your Nordstrom, Bravissimo, Figleaves, etc. Given that this seems to be a UK based company the flexibility in the sizing should be feasible. For what I pay for Freya, Chantelle, Fantasie, etc. I am willing to have more options. You pay the price for quality. I would love to support. I understand the start up can be challenging. We come in all shapes and sizes.

  20. Disappointed you’re only catering to smaller women. Was hoping this would be a movement to make women of all sizes finally find their shade of nude. But yet again as it is in the fashion world smaller gets the benefit. Smh. At least release limited stock of up to 42. It’s a no brainer they will sell and push you brand no propel it forward because you’re not doing what most brands do–forget about bustier women until it’s convenient.

    1. They’re not catering to smaller Women. I am a 34A and I am also left out. They have used average US sizes, without doing a good analysis of their market.

    1. Yes! My IBTC sister! I am 34A and Reading about 38I s, i can’t imagine, but it shows that this work is needed. Everyone needs underclothes.

  21. And as a smaller business (vs VS) your advantage is in your ability to tap into niche markets and really cater to your audience. Brown skin isn’t a niche enough on it’s own if you stop at 36 band for too long.

  22. I hope you will consider carrying plus sizes soon. There is a market for quality plus sized bras and other lingerie. Sizes 38D, 38DD and 44DD especially. I would love to support your business, but need the plus sizes. Good luck on your product launch!

  23. Will definitely support once you carry F cup in 38 or above. In the meantime, I will share your site with friends and family.

  24. I was excited and ready to buy until, I realized there are no a cup choice. Women of color come in all shapes and sizes. This is disappointing

  25. Most places including retailers with cheap options carry at least to a 38 or a 40 dd. You barely include the average bra size of American women thus isolating women who aren’t plus sized and are just proportional. As women of color have a larger population of women with larger boobs this doesn’t make sense. I was looking forward to purchasing but I won’t be supporting this either.

  26. I am so excited about this! About time someone recognized us and our needs! I’m rather well endowed/blessed (take your pick, lol). As soon as you extend your sizes, I will definitely be in queue purchasing several. Meanwhile, I’ll be keeping my eyes wide open and waiting anxiously. Wishing you the best of luck in your endeavour!

  27. I agree with everyone else–it sucks that I can’t benefit from this…but could you at least consider making a mailing list and send out a notification for when you do actually carry bras that all of us can wear?

  28. I too must add my input for the full breasted women in the world, like myself. EEE to H-Cup availability and I will definitely support you. I only buy pretty bras and I don’t really care what they cost as long as the fit well. Looking forward to seeing your product.

  29. I’m patiently waiting for the larger sizes! Since you all are catering to women of color, please be mindful that we are stacked differently from all others. Please stray away from the “norm”. Most of us have some big heavy titties that require durability!! No digging into the shoulders would be awesome!! And plenty of cup support to keep these babies aflat!! I will pay for quality!!

  30. I hope you guys are successful. It is unfortunate I will not be able to become as customer because I wear a 36J but I will still recommend you to friends and family.

  31. I love what you’re doing here! I’m sadly a 36G and would love love love love love love love love to buy these! I’ll be keeping up on this in case you offer anything close to my size, but it’s a lost cause most places I go. If I could send you my money, I would do it in a heartbeat. But that said, I can probably still get the hosiery and panties.

    Everything in your line, from the photos, look gorgeous.

  32. Please don’t forget A and AA cups! We need lingerie too. I hate having to choose my “sister size” 30-32B because the cups don’t fit right. 34A anyone?! And please make these in very dark brown. They look good in the pics then you realize that the color is really coffee with a hint of cream.

  33. Yes please consider small band size with larger cup sizes. I have a small torso and need a more bras with a shorter underwire. I’m a 32 G/H – it’s really difficult to find small band with larger cup sizes. You would make a lot. Right now I’m limited to one very expensive French brand.

  34. I was super excited when I saw this! Then a bit let down when I read it wouldn’t be offered in my size (42DDD) so I’ll be patiently waiting for my size to become available. I know your current offering will be a success though. I have talked with my friends so many times about the need for flesh colored undergarments that actually match our skin. Wishing you guys much success!

  35. I had a similar idea for a senior design thesis, but I still hope for the best for you all! Also hoping that success helps you start offering my size 😉 Already chain-mailing this!

  36. Thanks again for the comments lady. We understand the frustration for those who will not be able to buy their size at launch, but we also hope that you understand that we have started this brand with the goal to grow. We have taken all your comments on board and will keep you posted with updates. We are preparing for launch, so have patience as it will take time for us to address all the issues. Thanks again to all those who have been so supportive, we really appreciate it.

  37. I must say a lot of us really don’t know what our bra sizes are. It was only after watching Ms. O that I decided to get measured. Only to find out that I was not DD but G. I can wear strapless without spillage. I’m only saying this to confirm that there are a lot more of us that are bigger and will,pay for quality. I look forward to supporting your bra line in the near future;)!

  38. I wish Nubian Skin much success and will be purchasing a bra for myself, but I’m disappointed……by the comments; not enough people saying they will support. It may be out of YOUR size range, but who says you only have to buy for yourself? How about purchasing a gift certificate for someone else…Christmas is right around the corner.

    If you really want to see this brand expand and become a movement, you have to be willing to show support anyway you can. It might sound small, but sharing on Facebook, Tweeting about it, etc… can have a big impact.

  39. Can’t wait until you guys get A cup sizes. This is definitely something I would invest in. You guys should really think about starting a GoFundMe or Kickstarter page to attain more funding. Seems like you have many people interested and they would definitely donate with hopes that you guys would be able to afford creating their size. I saw your website on and I also saw an article about a woman who created a quick weave install cap with hooks and she did a Kickstarter and raised over $50,000. You guys should really consider.

  40. I understand the, being your own capital investor all too well. I have a dance studio and would love for my dancers to have foundations that suit their skin tones. Can’t wait to support!

  41. Hi there, I own a high end lingerie boutique in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa. I’d love to stock and distribute your product. There’s a huge market in South Africa for your product. How can I contact you offline?
    Best regards

  42. I am so disappointed in the amount of NEGATIVE comments. The founder has used her own money to develop a company and product that caters to women of color. They have said repeatedly that it wasn’t possible to reach their entire audience initially but are hoping (and praying) to expand in the near future. So support them in a way that you can! Tell your friends, post on social media, buy a bra for someone who can use the size they currently sell! I’m telling everyone I know. Find the silver lining and encourage this young woman. She needs us!!!

    1. I don’t think anyone is being negative (unless I missed something). I think everyone was excited to support them until they learned that they can’t because products won’t be offered in their size. My comment about desiring smaller sizes has been mentioned several times. The only reason I decided to also post the same thing again, is to show them that there are many of us out here who would like to support and that they will have a good market should they choose to expand the sizing.

    2. My thoughts exactly!!! They have to start somewhere and in order for everyone be get catered to, there has to be an initial start up. Something is better than nothing. The fact is that we as women of color need to support this in order for it to expand. Be the change you want to see. If you want bigger sizes or smaller sizes, tell everyone you know within the available size range to support. The fact that these garments are even becoming available for women of color is a major step, seeing as how it has never been done before, nor does it seem like anyone else that is leaving negative comments seem to have had the bright idea to do this either, so bottom line is quit being negative and complaining about what isn’t there and support and speak life into this business venture so that everyone can have a bra in their size. The bras are not in my size as of yet, but please believe that everyone I know will know about this and when my size comes, I will buy my bras from no where else. Blessings and continued growth and success.

  43. Crowd funding is a great idea… Kickstart er and Sharktank (my favorite show) are promising options for this fantastic business! Who wears a 30? I so need a 38D!

  44. I cannot praise you highly enough for launching this. I have money that needs to be spent on 34e bras that match my mid brown skin tone. I’m so excited!!!!!!

  45. I cannot understand why this has not been thought of before. Nonetheless, this 34B latina is elated…kudos to you, for sure! Best Regards 🙂

  46. Can you please offer 28 and even 26 bands ? It’s so great that you use real models in your ads of all variety and with everyone focusing on bigger cups and bands for people that will pay, why not smaller bands and cups as well ? Every women needs a bra that fits and she can feel great about ! I know you’re a start up but this won’t be exactly a small start up for long !

  47. Hi ladies! Thank you so much again for your comments and especially your kind words of support and encouragement. As I said before, we hear you on this, and we will get there eventually. Some of you are throwing out words like kick-starter and crowd funding. That sounds like a challenge! Watch this space, we may throw the ball back in your court…

  48. i honestly cannot wrap my head around this. the plus-size industry is a billion dollar industry, so i’m having a hard time understanding how someone could and would not think that fat black women and fat women of color would not want bras and panties that matched their skin tone as well. my question is this though: if and when you guys do decide to add a plus-size collection, are you going to actually advertise your collection on fat black women and fat women of color? not only that are you actually going to advertise a wide variety of fat black women and fat women of color? not just women who are fat and deemed acceptable by society. i definitely love the idea, but as a fat black woman who spends a good amount of money on clothing, it would certainly be nice to not be an after thought when a new clothing company decides to make clothing. best of luck to you guys though.

  49. Looking forward to when your line expands to include bigger bras! A 34 or 36 G would be a dream! I will be purchasing some hosiery in the mean time. I wish you all the success in the world and I am sharing your blog with as many Black Women and other Women of Color as I can!

  50. I hope that you have “odd” sizes. I am a 32D or DD – depending on the plunge of the bra. Have had to buy from Frederick’s of Hollywood in order to get a good fit. I wish you all God’s blessings that I am positive he has in store for you! If you don’t have my size, at the very least, I will buy panties. I need some good new skivvies anyway~

  51. Not to plug another business but for the women unable to find larger bust sizes ie. F,G,H and up, a company called Lady Grace has kept me in bras for years. As soon as Nubian Skin offers the same, I will be a customer for life.

  52. I am super excited about this new line of lingerie. I spend big dollars with VS and was just wondering if you are a Black Owned Business?

  53. I love the idea! I hope that you all decided to sell/produce larger sizes. A vast majority of the Nubian market falls outside of you product range for size. You may want to expand earlier than you had originally planned. Even a 38DD or/and 40 DD would expand your market and increase your revenue substantially.

    1. If it was instantaneous to produce larger sizes we would. We hope to be able to do so, but in addition to the financing, it will take several months to design, develop and manufacture. Watch this space. x

  54. 34E would be excellent. All the best with your line. Fabulous idea. Glad someone finally figured out that nude comes in different shades!

  55. Love, love, love this product idea. Also love the idea of supporting you even though my size isn’t being offered now, but gift cards would be the way to go. I would definitely purchase a gift card for my “smaller” folk, because I cannot imagine buying a bra/panties for somebody else.

  56. Congratulations on your launch! I’m excited to see nude lingerie for Black women. Yet I am disappointed that you chose not to launch with extended band sizes since I’m a 42C.

    It’s unfortunate that BBWs and other full-figured women of color are seen as a secondary or even tertiary market. :'( Full figured Black women dress well!!! We know we have to pay more for our clothes. We desire and are willing to pay for a complete range of nice lingerie that includes camisoles, teddys, tap panties, high cut panties, and pretty bras just like our smaller sistahs!

  57. Love this idea and wish you much success…..HOWEVER, you know you have got to have a line for us voluptuous sistahs (44 DD) out soon, I hope.

  58. I know you are just starting out but why not market to bigger size women first? Smaller cup women can go w/o bras in some outfits where as women with size cannot. Either way, I support the movement, I look forward to the day the movement can support me. 🙂

  59. Absolutely love what I see so far even though you don’t cater to me just yet, 38DD, good luck and I will be keeping an eye on your progress!

  60. I know it’s already been stated. I just want you guys to know that we will be waiting and that you will have a market for SMALLER sizes. I know the reason sited for not doing the larger sizes is that it is more expensive. So I’m not sure what the hold up would be in doing A cups. You’ve stated you intend to expand to include plus sizes, but please don’t forget about us small busted ladies. There are so many of us out here. I hope it is expanded to include us soon as I would love to support.

  61. I almost cried when I found out about this brand, I’m being a little dramatic, but I’m so excited!!! October can’t come soon enough!! No more black bras 😀

  62. I just learned of this co. via TheRoot today. I do hope the larger sizes become available. I would have hoped a lingerie co. that’s looking to cater to this niche market would’ve considered that women of color tend to be a little busty. I’m 5 ft 3in and 145lbs so I’m not saying women of color are all overweight but I’ve seen way more women that look like me have larger breast than the opposite. IJS 🙂

  63. Please, please do a product for women with large breasts and not just large bands. I wear a 36 JJ that I purchase from the UK. I would gladly spend my money with you


  64. The line looks beautiful. However, I must say I am disappointed that yet again, the Plus Size girls are an “after thought;” something to be considered “if we become successful.” I would love for the day to come when designers include the “plus” size girl from the beginning. It’s like the department stores, the plus size section is always shoved in the far back corner. Well, I suppose I will wait to see “if the line is successful” before I patronize you. By the way, I am no longer plus size, but I do feel my sisters.

  65. I was ready to buy a new bra and saw you will not have a 38DD. I will continue to follow but i really hope 38DD comes sooner than later.

  66. Another 34G waiting patiently for the day when you expand 🙂 Love, love, love your idea and I wish you much success and rapid growth!! Way to go Nubian Skin!!

  67. It may be too much to ask but, the product is so beautiful that I would love to see it in plus size also. 42J please…Yes that is the real size I wear.

  68. Wish you much success!
    I hope your bands run tight or your success comes fast so you can expand into my size range quickly.

    -A woman currently fitting into 28F/30E bras

  69. Disappointed that 38D won’t be available when the retail site launches.
    Not a far stretch from 36DD, eh…
    Hope that won’t take too long…I’m pretty excited to see this new product line in the ‘flesh’!!

  70. Hallelujah! It’s been a long time coming! I pray that your company does well! You don’t have my size yet, but I’m going to spread the word so that one day you will! Good Luck!

  71. When I saw the lovely craftsmanship and gorgeous shades I was really excited, so I’m majorly disappointed that my size isn’t going to be available initially. I do understand though, that the inventory can be but so varied at the onset. I’ll be recommending any friends/family that do fall into those parameters… and looking forward to mine being available soon because I have faith you’ll do spectacularly. I know there must be so many more ladies loving our beautiful brown skin tones being represented! All the very best to you guys!!!

  72. I’m a little sad there will be no A cups also. I was so excited to hear about this. Only to find out, once again, it’s not even an option for me. 🙁

  73. I’m very excited for your line of bras, they are much needed, and I wish you much success. I won’t wax on about the limited sizing, I myself need a 36/38 DDD so I will wait for them to arrive, however, I just want to point out, larger bra size or bottom size for that matter does not always indicate plus size. Some ladies are more endowed than others but I don’t think it’s fair to label our market as plus size as a way of generalizing the fact that people come in all shapes and sizes. it’s like a blanket dismissal of any deviation from the perceived norm. I just cringe at the whole “plus size” thing anyway. What’s next, minus sized? Enough already. #nomorelabels

  74. WOW! I am very excited about this line. Unfortunately, my daughter and I are not in the first line. We are luscious beauties of two different hues and have to wait for the Luscious sizes to be sold. So all of you smaller beauties.. BUY BUY BUY!!! so the next line can get started 🙂

    Congratulations and I look forward to being a customer.

  75. Definitely will support whether you carry my size or not. Will donate to a crowd-funding venture. Please don’t discontinue the smaller band sizes when this company grows. If I have to buy up all the 28-30 band sizes myself to keep it cost effective, I will…….

  76. Thank you sooooo much!
    I have been complaining about this very situation for years…
    It was very frustrating to find only “Nude” and only seeing it for Caucasian skin tones….and it is amazing that no one has noticed or even cared enough to change that until now!
    Thanks Again!!!!

  77. If you can do a DD/EE you can add up to 40D I’m not a plus size my US size is 14 or 16 based on designer. Plus XL large panties for us that have junk in the trunk…lol. Very disappointed with VS, left us out 40D and XL panties. Future project sexy underwear for in between VS sizes and plus sizes.

  78. wow just signed up for the mailing list, and just now unsubscribing, market reasearch shows most women in america are around a size 14, bra sizes up to a 36 is just not good enough. i was hoping to support this business but this is way to disappointing for words, call me when you get to at least a 38.

  79. I hope that you do make plus sizes. So many women are in the wrong size. We need large cups and small band offerings too. Your colors are exciting. I look forward to your expanded inventory so that I can become a customer.

  80. I’m glad you are doing this, no matter where you are starting. I hope you become the premiere shop for women of color for all sizes. I am a 38 H/I, and I could use a beautiful nude set of lingerie. Thank you so very much.

  81. Yes! I love this idea. Hopefully, larger sizes will be available in the future especially considering most of us ladies are a little extra blessed. I know that it’s a stretch but I am a 36K….natually…it’s next to impossible to find bras and especially not in nice nudes like these; usually it’s just black and white and the occasional beige.

  82. Many African-American women are full size without having to purchase extras, it comes naturally. We look forward to and welcome your products. In the eighties there were those of us, Black companies that were producing products just for us and the larger, more powerful companies put them out of business. Please take serious note on how to stay in business and quickly add large sizes, (Untouched giant) to your selection because we do exist in grand scale for when we shop we should easily find something just for us and not a hit and a miss or a small token of what we spend our money for. Thank you and I wish you much success. (See Tuesday Conner, designer,
    for full figures at

  83. Congrats! I am so happy for you guys. Thank you for stepping out like this. I can’t wait to purchase I’ve been telling all my friends about this.

    I do wish, however, that people would stop with all the negativity and over generalizing. Just because you and people you know are a size F and beyond does not mean you’re in a position to speak for “most black women.” In fact, “most” black women are statistically not that large. I hate when people try to speak for all or most black women by trying to make their own personal situation the norm. Wrong.

    This company wisely surveyed the market and offered a pretty wide range of sizes that covers most of the market. They will do quite well and eventually they will be able to add on more sizes. Instead of attacking their business choice, I’d think you’d just support them and look forward to the day when your size is available. It’s impossible to please everyone. But they are just starting. Sheesh, give them a chance.

    1. Exactly!! I agree. Be thankful that these women had the mind to think outside of the box and do something the rest of us hadn’t thought of. And that they are investing THEIR money into something that will eventually help all of us. Know that the business will grow because there is a need. Supply and demand people, basic economics. People need to quit being so small minded and be excited that this is even becoming a reality for us women of color.

  84. I would love to help support your business as soon as you are able to produce larger cup sizes. (36ddd/36f). Even if it wouldn’t match me I think this is wonderful and LONG overdue in the fashion world. I hope you all do amazing when you launch and for the years to come!

  85. Gosh these comments…it’s a StartUp…they have to “start” somewhere…Lane Bryant took over a decade to bring their lingerie to a decent place and it’s could still use work… (i.e smaller bands, bigger cups)

    Me and my 32/34 H/J boobies look forward to being able to support one day. Best wishes and Good luck!

    And not to promote other companies but for those of you looking for a wider range of bras sizes, try UK brands (Panache, Freya, Elomi) they have a wider array of sizes than most US brands. I’ve never brought a bra from VS and LB doesn’t make a small enough band.

  86. In regards to your bra size offerings there are companies like Panache and Fantasie that are making a KILLING on extended cup sizes. As a well endowed woman (36K-UK sizing) it would be more than amazing to have another company that could compete with them!

  87. I totally understand starting out with a limited range but please consider eventually adding smaller band sizes too, especially 28 bands since many women are wearing bras where the band is too big and the cups are too small (since finding my correct size I’m a 26E but usually have to sister size up to 28DD). Can’t wait to support you guys when your range expands! 🙂

  88. Like so many others, I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to place an order any time soon (40DD – I usually buy Natori) but I still look forward to seeing your business flourish so that you can add more sizes. Without question, I want a quality product and I applaud your commitment to doing it right! As soon as you have a bra available in my size, I will buy one – until then, best wishes in getting this venture underway. I will share with everyone I know and I can’t wait to see your final product.

  89. Bravo! Good luck on your launch.

    Another voice for broader size ranges. Me? My fave bra is a Prima Donna 44I, which would be better if it were a 42J. I wear any wear from a 40 – 44 H to an L cup depending on the brand. My thin daughters wear 30-32G/H and 32-34DDD. I mention the brand so you can know what we are spending on bras. I consider it a steal if I get a good fitting bra for $50-70 and usually have to pay twice that.

    HOWEVER, please take your time with the research and design. I have a closet full of 4 hour bras and bras that stab under the arms or roll in the back after a few wearings. I’m looking for bras that fit that I can wear joyfully all day long. I am hopeful that you want to research not just cup sizes, but how the breasts fit the cups. Your taking care will go a long way, so go for it!

    It’s awesome you aren’t rushing, but …well you can see how impatient we all are to have our needs considered. Even us yellow-brown girls are excited!

  90. I am SOOO incredibly happy I will finally be able to purchase a nude bra in my actual skin tone. Thank you so much for the makeup match suggestions. I got my foundation matched at Sephora a few weeks ago, so I know exactly which shade to purchase when you debut the e-commerce site. Yippe!!

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