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5 times Nubian Skin Lace Lingerie made us scream with joy!

4th February 2016

1. The time when the Berry set made us want to burst into song; ‘The darker the Berry….._1030344



2. The time when (for once…) we weren’t focussing on the tasty chocolates….!


3. The time when Priscilla was rocking the Berry Lace in Paris (and eating chocolate mousse)…!


4. The time when BuzzFeed’s Daysha Veronica was looking way too awesome in the Caramel lace!


5. The time when Britt Bradley & Destiny matched their skin-tone perfectly & looked stunning in New York!

new york

OK & maybe one more time…………..

The time when the Nubian Skin Lace sets were on special offer!!!

Lace Set now £50 or $80

Isn’t that just great!

AL xx


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