5 Inspirational Women of Colour for International Women’s Day

8th March 2018

We love seeing the strength and power of women and the incredible things they achieve. In celebration of International Women’s Day 2018, here are five inspirational women who are truly killing the game.

1. Florence Adepoju, Founder of MDMflow

Florence Adepoju

At 18 she was about to pursue a career in Pharmacy but decided to study Cosmetic Science at London College of Fashion instead! Working at luxury cosmetics counters, Florence became frustrated by the lack of creativity and lack of inclusive colour palettes that worked for women of colour, so she decided to build her own beauty empire. And good thing she did as we now have MDMflow, a beauty brand with incredible colour palettes, inspired by hip-hop culture. It may have begun in a shed in her parent’s garden, but she’s doing really well and now has some pretty impressive stockists. We can vouch for the lipstick, the colours are brilliant! She’s currently working on foundations for all skin tones, check out their fundraiser & follow Florence & MDMflow!


2. Liv Little, Founder of Gal-dem Magazine

Liv Little, Vogue

We’ve been watching Gal-dem grow, and we’ve been seriously impressed! Liv Little founded the magazine and creative collective in 2015 while at university, having become frustrated with the lack of diversity there. Gal-dem is a political movement and is committed to representing female diversity. Recently she’s been featured in British Vogue in an issue celebrating 100 years since the women were given the right to vote, and just yesterday won a Women in Creative Industries Awards for ‘Breaking New Ground’. She is a keen feminist, and we’re excited about her views for the future: “You know you’ve reached equality when seeing people of colour in all aspects of society becomes the norm.” The team now consists of over 70 women of colour & non-binary people of colour who contribute to the magazine on a regular basis. Check out Gal-dem & follow Liv Little here.


3. Cora Harrington, Founder of The Lingerie Addict

Cora launched her lingerie blog, The Lingerie Addict, back in 2008 and it is now the internet’s top intimate apparel blog! Founded on the idea that lingerie is fashion too & more than just a foundation, her blog writes something for everybody regardless of their size, race, gender, age, ability and body shaming comments are BANNED! We’ve got a lot of time for Cora and TLA as their views and opinions are always 100% honest, and incredibly insightful.  She recently created ‘The Lingerie Addicts’ Group on Facebook for ‘women and nonbinary/genderqueer femmes who love or are interested in lingerie and want a safe(r), private space to talk about it’ which now has over two and a half thousand members. AND if that wasn’t enough, she’s just written a book ‘In Intimate Detail’, a guide to all things lingerie! GO CORA! Check out the book here & follow Cora for more of this lingerie goodness.


4. Destiney Bleu, Founder of d.bleu.dazzled

Destiney Bleu is the founder of the sparkly brand, d.bleu.dazzled. If you’ve ever seen a celebrity wearing something that’s dazzled with gems, the likelihood is that Destiney made it. Rihanna’s dazzling carnival tights? Destiney. Beyonce’s sparkling bodysuit? Destiney? Anything amazing and shining? Destiney. You only need to check out the ‘As Seen On’ tab on the website to understand.

She’s hand dazzled many-a-piece and has grown the brand to incredible heights. We even collaborated with her for LFW on dazzled nude underwear! What she has achieved is seriously impressive, and it’s all down to hard work. In the world of fashion, it’s not unusual for indie designers to have their ideas copied by much larger brands, but Destiney is not afraid to speak out – and we really do admire that. FEMALE POWER! Check out her Instagram page here for beautiful, dazzled heaven.


5. Tobi Oredein, Founder of Black Ballad

Tobi, Founder of Black Ballad

After many years of working for well known media publications for women, Tobi grew frustrated with the lack of representation of black women. Not only in the media, but also in the office. She is incredibly passionate and wanted to empower the united voice of black women in Britain, so she decided to create Black Ballad, a platform that is written by and for black women. Black Ballad is here and helping WoC  to live their best life, working to elevate and unite the voices of black British women. Tobi was recently named on the Forbes 30 under 30 list – great work Tobi! Keep up with the latest from Tobi & Black Ballad here.


Who inspires you? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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