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5 Inspirational Women Killing the Game

8th March 2016

Happy International Women’s Day!


Aurora James

Aurora James, Creative Director and Founder of Brother Veillies 

Instagram: @aurorajames

Aurora is killing the game right now. Not only is her awesome wardrobe to die for but Aurora James is the Creative Director and Founder of Brother Veillies, a shoe company that introduces traditional and handmade African footwear to the rest of the world. This Toronto Native grew up with the motto that “You can do anything you set your mind to” and has stood by it for pretty much everything.

Aurora’s travels to Africa led her to the found Brother Veillies after having conversations with locals and noticing that traditional apparel was dying out because they “wanted to wear whatever Kanye [West] was wearing.” Now, Brother Veillies not only produces sustainable shoes that preserves the traditions of African cultures but is also responsible for employing many people that live in the impoverished areas of Africa. Aurora James is definitely one inspiring female entrepreneur!


Cipriann and Takenya Quann

Cipriana Quann, Co- Founder of Urban Bush Babies and Takenya Quann, Artist  

Cipriana’s Instagram: @ciprianaquann Takenya’s Instagram: @tk_wonder


If you haven’t seen these beautiful women buzzing the fashion world, then we are happy to introduce you to the Quann Sisters!

Cipriana and Takenya Quann are continuously breaking the ideal standards of beauty as they rock their amazing natural locks. Both Cipriana and Takenya have been in the fashion industry for many years and were constantly told that their hair was not commercially appealing. Cipriana then decided to create Urban Bush Babies, a lifestyle blog that celebrates women’s differences and imperfections while Takenya speaks through her music and express herself through her style. Now the world can’t get enough of them and they are one of the many making changes for the better!


Michelle Robinson

Michelle Robinson, Artist

Instagram: @mister_michelle

Another Women we want to introduce is the talented Michelle Robinson. Michelle’s art is breath taking as it combines bold contrast, unique colour palettes and patterns that captures the true beauty of being a woman. Her artwork speaks for itself as it inspires and empowers many women to accept themselves and their female form. Recently, Michelle took part in a project called the Goddess Project in which she decorated a bus for Sara Landas and Holli who would the ride across the United States and share the stories of empowering women who followed their dreams and are changing the world.


Saada Ahmed

Saada Ahmed, Co -Founder of Everyday People Brunch and Sokoni Worldwide

Instagram: @saada__

After this New Yorker visited her family in Kenya, Saada Ahmed realized that weren’t many positive images of Africa that people her age could relate to. So Saada decided to launch a blog, called Sokani, to share her journey in Africa and highlight the positive things she came across. Now Sokoni is a worldwide platform for influencers around the world to share their own stories and culture through a video diary. Saada also is the co-founder of Everyday People Brunch, a monthly brunch party she organizes to bring together an urban crowd.


Zim Ugochukwu

Zim Ugonchukwu, Founder of Travel Noire

Instagram: @travelnoire


Zim Ugonchukwu is the embodiment of greatness. At only 19 years old she cloned genes that were linked to genetic disorders, became the youngest precinct judge for North Carolina’s Board of Elections, travelled the world! During her travels, she noticed that she did not see many people of colour traveling and decided to launch Travel Noir, a platform that would encourage people of colour and give them resources and knowledge to travel without having loads of money. Travel Noire is huge success and is expanding. Zim Ungonchukwu is truly a power woman.




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