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4 Women Inspiring Us to Love Our Curves

9th April 2019

At Nubian Skin we’re all about empowering women and embracing every unique details that makes you, you. We’ve come across a number of amazing women who bring this vision to life. So today, we’re featuring 4 women who inspire us to love ourselves fully. These women are a forced to be reconciled — champanioning body positivity and using their platform to help women embrace their beauty.

Valerie Eguavoen

Elegant and fierce, Valerie is a master of prints and texture. We love how each piece accentuates her figure and pronounces her culture. But she’s not just about fashion and culture. Valerie is a social activist and uses her voice and passion to make waves in the world.

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Head Held High.

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Samantha Pollack

When both your curls and your curves are always on point. Samantha teaches us how to slay, daily, simply by loving her curls, her curves, and herself.

Kelly Augustine

Unbothered and carefree, Kelly shows us what living unapologetically looks like. Currently she is making waves in the fashion industry and works with brands to promote representation and inclusive marketing.

Chanel Ambrose

“I am iconic” — her headline correctly proclaims. Chanel is an iconic woman influencing the beauty and fashion industry with her voice, and recently, her self-founded talent agency.

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*Takes deep breath* if I may, can I just express myself a little. I am so tired. I was really looking forward to a good week ahead, but I’m just tired, annoyed and frustrated and we are not even mid way through the year. I honestly feel like shutting down a lot of what I started because it feels pointless when people mess you about. Everything I do, I do with passion and out of love, and I’m just so tired now, because when you put your heart and soul into it all, for you to not be taken seriously,literally invest everything you have so you not only benefit but people you care about benefit also, it just makes me cry. I do so much on my own, have little to no help or support and put my all into it to get back nothing or little in return, or either be insulted or disrespected. I endure so much heartache which something I have to deal with my whole life and in all honesty, I have not felt like this in a while, but I just want to give up. Not sure why I’m posting this on IG, but I’m fed up and just tired. ? I am always trying to be positive, like all I want to do is put positivity out there in the world, there’s nothing like positive energy, but my heart can’t take some shit sometimes. Sorry to spoil your morning, hope I can come with a positive post next.

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Anyone else inspiring you to embrace your body? Share with us in the comments below!

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