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4 Instagram pages we’re loving right now!

16th June 2016

Photo Credits: Bradley A. Murray @bradleyamurray


You know what they say, “Health is Wealth” and Lauren Ash, founder of Black Girl in Om, is certainly very wealthy! Black Girl in Om is an organization that offers a range of services from an online publication, podcast, pop- up yoga, meditation, and holistic wellness sessions. Their aim is to promote self-care and self-love and create a positive space for communities of colour!


Yagazie is a multi-disciplinary artist and photographer based in Nigeria who focuses primarily on documentary, fashion and travel within the African Continent. Yagazie’s photography truly captures the richness of African cultures and tell stories of the people she cross paths with along her journey. Adding to her awesomeness, Yagazie also has a youtube channel in which she discusses various different topic including social issues, her personal experiences and topics that rarely discussed openly in Africa, such as sexuality.


Black culture and black women can often be misrepresented in the media, but luckily Deborah Marie, founder of Afro Noire is taking steps to change that. Afro Noire is a magazine and lifestyle brand that tell stories and share the experiences of black women through editorials, interviews, articles and events. Afro Noire’s mission is to have a positive influence on the way black culture and black women are portrayed in the media!


Dancers are often required to wear nude leotards on stage but when you are a woman of colour, finding nudes isn’t always easy, especially when most dance apparel companies produce only one shade of nude. Dancers are then forced into either dying their attire and covering it in make-up that match their skin tone. Thankfully, Whitney Bracey, founder of Mahogany Blues Dance Apparel, has changed that! Whitney offers a diverse collection of nudes, ensuring that no dance is left out!

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